smart treat

SMART-Treat MBBR provides Large Capacity Treatment in a Small Footprint.

SMART-Treat – Small Moving Media Aerobic Reactor Treatment.  Originally developed in Norway, the Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) process is marketed worldwide.  Environmental/Health Products and Service worked with Dr. Bjorn rusten of Aquateam-Norway in the late 1990’s to develop a version of the process for small flows of 100,000 GPD or less, now marketed in the US as the SMART-TreatTM  On-Site System.

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SMART-Treat is especially suited for high-strength waste applications including: restaurants, convenience stores and truck stops, and industrial pretreatment systems.  Other prime applications include:  single family homes, mobile home parks, condominiums and apartment complexes, cluster homes in subdivisions and similar applications including sites that require ammonia removal or denitrification.

SMART-Treat is economical, reliable, easy to install and operate, and compact.  It is ideal for retrofit or new installations and can be easily designed for future expansion to minimize current capital expenditures.

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