Treatment Products

WEXCO Environmental is a results-oriented company that seeks out and applies the most economical and effective products and methods for wastewater treatment.  We represent multiple lines of tested and proven wastewater treatment technologies.

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 Biowater Technology

Biowater Technology designs and provides biofilm technology treatment to maximize treatment with minimum footprint. Treatment can be configured in a variety of ways including MBBR, IFAS, CFAS, CMFF, CFIC and is shock resistant, has low capex and opex, can be retrofit or new, and is excellent for ammonia reduction and denitrification.



Geoflow’s subsurface drip systems solve many of the problems that plague traditional methods of wastewater dispersal. Geoflow drip dispersal is recommended for commercial, municipal, industrial, residential and agricultural applications.


mbdMicro Bubble Diffusion

MBD ultra-fine micro bubbles have an extremely slow rate of rise and thus have extended contact time to transfer oxygen into water/wastewater.  These surface aerators thus require minimum horse power to aerate and provide odor control in municipal and industrial lagoons, commercial grease traps, septic systems, and agricultural wastewater including from CAFOs.



  PI2  Technolgies

PODZ is a modular cover that filters odors and greenhouse gases. Simple to install, it covers and treats simultaneously for:  lagoons, activated sludge, aerated basins, clarifiers, leachate ponds, anaerobic basins, open-air tanks, piggery basins, tailing basins.




PhosphoReduc is a gravity fed passive media filter that removes both soluble and non-soluble forms of phosphorous. Custom designed per site, this economical filter can meet stringent limits and is typically designed with a 20-25 year service life.



smart treat


SMART-Treat MBBR incorporates Biowater Technology media and is designed for use from onsite septic systems to small municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater producers.  Retrofit or new, it provides maximum treatment in a small footprint for restaurants, resorts, RV parks, factories, office buildings and more including ammonia removal and denitrification.


triple point

 Triplepoint Water Technologies

Triplepoint specializes in economical lagoon treatment including NitrOx cold weather ammonia removal and the MARS retrievable aeration system.  MARS produce both coarse and fine bubbles; the coarse bubbles lift liquefied sludge into a curtain of fine bubbles for maximum oxygen transfer to provide efficient BOD5 reduction.