PhosphoReduc passive phosphorous removal for stormwater.

PhosphoReduc is environmental technology company that provides sustainable solutions for water pollution treatment, prevention and control. We specialize in on-site filtration products for phosphorus removal, harvesting and re-use (and other pollutants reduction) from residential, municipal, urban and agricultural point and non-point pollution sources.

Excess phosphorus is an increasing problem for waterways and has been recognized  as the principal trigger of eutrophication and toxic blue-green algae blooms. Just 1 g of dissolved phosphorus promotes the growth of up to 100 g algae. According to the US EPA latest report (March 2013), more than 40% of US waters have elevated levels of phosphorus.  The current cost of phosphorus pollution to the US economy is $4 billion/year when only lost recreation and depressed property values located near water fronts are accounted for.

6_PhosphoReduc FilterOur patented phosphorus harvesting and removal  products are the result of over 20 years of research and testing worldwide. They are energy and cost efficient, have minimal operation and maintenance and land area requirements. They are custom designed to harvest and recycle phosphorus from any pollution source and at significantly lower costs compared to other products on the market.

Phosphorus harvesting and re-use feature of PhosphoReduc products is extremely important given increasing concern over world P reserves decline and its potential impacts on food prices and food security.