Wastewater Solutions

Reduce wastewater surcharges and electrical expenses;
meet compliance limits

Quality wastewater treatment is critical to many industrial facilities and municipalities. Municipal treatment plants must protect public waters and meet regulatory requirements on a tight budget. Industrial wastewater surcharges often are a significant operating expense. Agricultural producers deal with compliance limits, solids handling and odor control. We combine simple and economical equipment with innovative treatment configurations to reduce operating expenses for municipalities and industries alike.


We help you reduce wastewater surcharges with effective, economical in-house pretreatment. In many cases, there are opportunities to save expenses through modified operating procedures or by updating a current treatment facility. … Detailed info




Wastewater treatment systems of all sizes are stressed by increased flows and budget cuts while at the same time being required to meet more stringent standards. Electrical expense alone is commonly 30 percent of the operating budget. … Detailed info





Agricultural producers often deal with a mixed set of wastewater treatment challenges including odor control, solids removal, mixing to aid pumping, land application rates of wasted sludge, cold weather treatment, and high electrical expense for treatment. … Detailed info



Operation & maintenance

WEXCO Environmental provides treatment plant operation for industrial, municipal and commercial systems. We operate community septic systems up through wastewater treatment plants. … Detailed info



Pilot studies

Investments in wastewater treatment products can be expensive. Proving treatment efficacy before capital investment in products and. … Detailed info



Wexco Environmental is proud to be a product representative of Biowater Technology for municipalities, and also provide Biowater Technology processes and products for multiple industries, including  food & beverage, dairy, chemical & pharmaceutical, and petrochemical. Contact Eric at Wexco Environmental today at 320-983-2447 for more information.