Municipal Waste Treatment

Energy Savings

Before: Lagoon with 7 surface aerators totaling 28 HP.

Winter Performance

Before: Other surface aerator - frozen conditions limit oxygen transfer..

Sludge Reduction

Issue: An Iowa wastewater treatment facility has a three-pond lagoon system that receives 300,000 GPD ...

Lift Station Odor Control

Overview:  A North Carolina Service Company needs a solution for lift station odor control.  Several efforts to reduce the odor include rental of an air scrubber ...

Grinder Tank Odor Control

Overview:  North Carolina residents complain about odor emanating from grinder tanks connecting their homes to the local wastewater treatment plant. Solution:  Install MBD ...

Sludge Reduction – Five Lagoon System

Overview:  A Texas wastewater treatment plant has a five lagoon system of 24 surface acres.  Average influent is 1.2 million gallons per ...

Electrical Efficiency

Overview:  A Minnesota community experiences odor problems in a municipal lagoon serving a turkey processing plant. The engineered solution is adding aeration to minimize the odors.

Sludge Reduction

Overview:  An Iowa Wastewater Treatment Facility has a three pond lagoon system that receives 250,000 GPD influent.  Sludge levels are 26” - 32” in 5’ deep lagoons and ...