about wexco environmental

We’re passionate
about clean water

Wexco Environmental is an action-oriented company that seeks solutions to water quality needs. Our approach includes appropriate scale to avoid unnecessary capital expense and innovative technology selection to assure project success – all while striving to keep systems and methods as simple as possible.

We design for the lowest life cycle cost and offer turnkey installations, treatment products, operation and maintenance (your system or ours), troubleshooting, design services, field services, and permitting/regulatory assistance.

We provide:

Wastewater solutions for industrial, municipal and agricultural entities. Our offerings range from reducing industrial sewer surcharge fees to municipal lift-station odor control to agricultural lagoon sludge management.

Stormwater management for projects from single-family homes to commercial or municipal entities. We provide raingarden design/installation/planting, shoreline restoration/stabilization/revegetation, and work for impervious offsets – a vital need for many shoreline properties. =We provide erosion control services for projects of any size.

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